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Bullfrog Style Pintles

Butterfly Strap Hinges

Shaker Cabinet Hinge

T-Strap Hinges

Barn Door Cane Bolt

Bean Strap Hinge (Narrow)

Bean Tear Drop Hinge

Swordfish Latch

Jamb Pintles

Boxford Thumb Latches

Chinese Happiness Latch

Cabinet and Door Butt Hinges

Exterior Shutter Hardware

Pintle Hinge

Dummy Hinges

Cane Bolt

Cabinet Latch

Ring Latch

Lag Thread Hinge Pintle

Closet Door Latch

Rat Tail Strap Hinge Pintles

Cabinet Hardware

Hand Forged Nails

Rat Tail Hinge

Door Handles

Thumb Latch Parts

Exterior Suffolk Latch

Suffolk Bean Thumb Latch

Slide Bolts

New York Hudson River Dutch Hinge

New England Ball/Flame Hinge

New England Aspen Hinge

Hinge Pintles

H L Hinges


Bean Strap Hinge