Finnish Broad axe


The Finnish Broad Axe is a socketed broad axe, with a large heavy blade that slices  through timbers. The sharpened blade allows the user to stroke slices down into the timber and the heavy weight of the axe pushes it through the wood, splitting the jogs from the log. The large bevels leave a clean surface much like is found in hewn timbers in old buildings and barns across the country. The axe can be used to jog and hew as it is double-beveled.

Axes and hatchets are hand-forged and heat-treated out of 4140 or O1 Tool Steel.

4140 cold finished annealed is a chromium-molybdenun alloy steel that can be oil hardened to relatively high hardenability. The chromium content provides good hardness penetration & the molybdenum imparts uniformity of hardness and high strength.

O1 Tool Steel is the original oil-hardening, “non-shrinking” tool steel that can be hardened to the Rockwell C 65 range from a low austenitizing temperature. O1 is a general-purpose tool steel that is typically used in applications where alloy steels cannot provide sufficient hardness, strength, and wear resistance.

Weight: 5 lbs.

Length: 30” inches

Price: $325.00