Scroll Brace Crane



Use crane with a cast iron pot for authentic colonial look and an alternative way to cook. The crane shown here is made to order and hand forged, just as it was made in Colonial America. Hinge plates are included, which are installed during the brick work. However if your fireplace is already built, the crane can be mounted with an aftermarket bracket.

  • Size
  • 22 in.
  • 24 in.
  • 26 in.
  • 30 in.
  • 32 in.
  • 36 in.
  • Price
  • $162.00
  • $170.00
  • $177.50
  • $200.00
  • $222.50
  • $252.00

$50 for after market bracket to mount a fireplace crane after the fireplace has been built.

$40 for crane pintles.

Lag Pintle(s) @ $45.00/pair

Price: $

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