Double Bit Felling Axe


The Double Bit Felling Axe is a capable, highly effective felling tool, suited for large timber. The user is able to profile each blade differently and may use, for instance, one edge for splitting and the other for cutting. Traditionally, one bit was used for heavy work that was prone to dull the blade, while the other was kept with a finely honed edge. ​When the logging industry was still reliant on axes for felling trees, one side of the double bit was commonly used to chop undercuts for large timber, while the other was held in reserve for fine cutting.

– ​Head Weight: 4 ½ lbs.

– Bit Length: 4 ½​ in​.
– Handle Length: 36 in.

– Hand forged 4140 Tool Steel

Handle – 36 inches long American Hickory

Leather Sheath included

Price. 375.00

Plus Postage 20.00