Heavy Stock Knife


At about 6.5 lbs., our Heavy Stock Knife is a weighty and wieldy tool, one we designed based on research and inquiries made of people who have used such tools.

The blade is nearly 1/2″ thick at the spine and 3″ wide. The shaft to which the hardwood handle is mounted is of 3/4″ square cross section near the blade, tapering to about 9/16″ round just below the handle; the overall length of this knife is 39″.

Note that the knife pictured is for left-handed carvers: you work with the flat of the blade away from you. This gives you the control you need to be able to cut curved forms. So it is important to specify whether you need a right-handed or left-handed tool!

Hand forged 4140
weighs 6-7 pounds
length 39-40 inches

PRICE. $600.00
shipping not included