Norwegian Lafte Axe


Norwegian Lafte (or Carpenter’s) Axe is used for shaping & notching when building a log house.  These axes were center-laminated for strength because they are very thin. They ranged in size(s) from 5″ in. to 8″ in. wide, could be as long as 13″ inches with a slight curve in the axe body and had short handles .

Axes and hatchets are hand-forged and heat-treated out of 4140 or O1 Tool Steel.

4140 cold finished annealed is a chromium-molybdenun alloy steel that can be oil hardened to relatively high hardenability. The chromium content provides good hardness penetration & the molybdenum imparts uniformity of hardness and high strength.

O1 Tool Steel is the original oil-hardening, “non-shrinking” tool steel that can be hardened to the Rockwell C 65 range from a low austenitizing temperature. O1 is a general-purpose tool steel that is typically used in applications where alloy steels cannot provide sufficient hardness, strength, and wear resistance

Weight:  2.5 lbs.

Handle Length: 19” inches

Cutting Edge:  5.5″ inches

Price: $250.00